Sunday, 24 April 2011

Degree work research and inspiration

Here are a few photographs I took right at the start of my final major project, all based around underwater coral and plants. I really do love photography and always try and make sure it becomes a strong part of my projects. I have my dad to thank for that!

Print Studio Fun

So here's a few photos tracking the start of my final design printing. It's a 3metre fabric length for interiors inspired by coral and underwater plants.

On top of a white pigment shadow is an offset layer in flock. Very messy to do so a mini hoover is required!

More photos to follow of me finishing off printing this piece once the print studio is open again after easter!


It has offically been far too long since my last post! It's safe to say I've been a very busy little bee, it's been my last year at uni so work loads have been constant, all the while I've tried my best to keep my Folksy shop nice and stocked. I'm very proud of how well it's done in it's first year with lots of commission requests and a couple of wholesale sells, I can only hope that the success will continue! I only have a couple more weeks left of my Final Major until it is all handed in for good. After that it's all hands on deck to get the degree show up and running for the 17th july which I'm very much looking forward to. I also have big plans for Alexia Claire Designs so watch this space! My next few posts will show you a little bit of what I've been grafting at for the last three months so again, watch this space...