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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Open for Business!

After being offline for a week or two, my online shop is back in business! It's full to the brim of brand new products, some of which I have screen printed myself. This is something that I will be doing a whole lot more of soon so watch this space!

New Delivery

I had these delivered the other day, I can finally put fabric tags into my products and I can't wait! I'm glad I went for the woven not printed ones.

Printed Purchases

I went to London for the day on wednesday, by coach there and back I must have been mad! It was worth the trip though and I paid a visit to Liberty's which I love to do when I'm in London, and sadly didn't get chance to when I was doing New Designers. They have a new range of printed fabrics called "Liberty Rocks" with collaborations with and designs by big names from the music world, including Florence from Florence and the Machine, Storm Thorgerson (the legend who designed Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side of the Moon' album cover) and many others.

Hopefully I can collect a few more of these gorgeous prints soon (I would definitely like some of Storm's fabrics as they feature elements of said album!) But for now I chose this lovely print by John Squire, guitarist of one of my ultimate favourite bands The Stone Roses. He also designed and painted all their album and single covers that have become highly recognised. (One of my favourite t-shirts is their "Bye bye Bad-man" print). His prints for liberty however have a very different approach. created with lino cuts it has a 50's feel to it.

Lastly I bought some of this cute print. Being a major bird geek and twitcher it jumped right out at me and I couldn't resist. I didn't know who had designed this one until I got home. After a little research I found out that it is by Edwyn Collins, formerly of Orange Juice. I used to sing his songs when I was quite little!

Finally here are some prints that caught my eye on clothing that I have recently bought. I've been told that I dress like a textiles printer as a lot of my clothes have some form of repeat on them!