Thursday, 20 October 2011

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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Alexia Claire's New Stockists!

I have been pretty busy recently with the Liverpool show prepping and moving to London for a little while for my new placement, that I haven't yet shown my excitement for my new stockists!

The fabulous Moonko website, who's aims are to "promote emerging graduates and established artists in their practise" I now have my own profile and portfolio of work on the site, which in itself is very exciting. I was also asked to have a collection of my products in their brand new Moonko boutique, which is in The Nichols Building in Sheffield. Such a lovely building dedicated to the world of craft and art both vintage and contemporary. So a great honour to be part of in some way. If you find yourself in sheffield, it is well worth a visit. Once back from London my products will also be available to buy on the Moonko website so keep a look out!

Secondly, I met the lovely Debbie Bryan at the Liverpool Design Show this year. She was my neighbouring exhibitor and very supportive and friendly from the start offering me advice for my first big show. I asked her and her fellow design friend Hannah Lobley lots of questions and gained helpful tips from them as they are both well experienced in the craft world. Debbie creates and designs knitted and felted lambs wool scarves that form interesting spirals because of the way they are made. Her shop in Nottingham showcases lots of craft and handmade products and was awarded the title "Best New Venture" 2011, so it's great to be asked for my products for her shop! They are already in there now so if you are local definitely go take a look at the shop and the workshops that the studio have to offer.

Book Shop Visit

I couple of weeks ago I found some very old vouchers for Waterstones hidden away in my drawer, that I had been awarded with when I was at high school (at least four years ago!) So I took at trip there to choose a book. I've not spent a decent amount of time in a book shop for a long time, usually just going in with one purchase already in mind, so it was quite fun just browsing for once. I must have been in there for nearly two hours! And during my browse I spotted all of these lovely surface designed book covers. I ended up getting a dummie's guide. Not a pretty cover!

Etsy Listing

My Etsy has finally caught up with my Folksy and is now fully stocked with my new printed range!