Thursday, 2 June 2011

Great Scott!

Yesterday I printed a bunch of t-shirts for my good friends of the Leicester based band 88 Miles Per Hour. Funnily enough they were on a special radio show for Demon Fm at the same time so I printed away while they played some live tunes.

We all had a fun printing session about a year ago putting their logo on all kinds of clothing. Here are a few pics from that day,

A whole album of them can also be found here

Tuesday, 31 May 2011


About a month ago my uncle and I went to see the first half of the World Snooker Championships. Yup that's right I'm a closet snooker fan! We were guests of Betfred who sponsor it which mean't we got some awesome VIP treatment in the sponsor lounge, and met some cool people!
We did a cheeky little pub quiz, Rob Burrow from Leeds Rhinos, his/my uncle's friend from BBC sport George and non other than the legend that is Dennis Taylor were all on my team! Needles to say, I helped in no way!

The snooker was amazing too of course, Judd was an amazing match for Higgins at only the age of 21. Either could have won it and the atmosphere was incredible, you just don't appreciate that through a TV screen. All in all an amazing day, a highlight of my year so far, and a bit of belated blogging!

Monday, 30 May 2011

Bank Holiday creativity

Today I caught up with some commissions I owed to a couple of friends of mine. The first two were laptop covers with skulls on for my two flatmates, one in red one in blue. Thankfully there was no arguing over who wanted which colour!

Then I made my friend Chase this Blackberry case. He chose the colours to match his three pairs of converse!