Friday, 16 April 2010

Having a Stroll

I've spent a lovely three days at my Grandma's, I always try and stay with her in the holidays and we always go to Pennington Flash nature reserve as we are not-so-secret bird geeks. It was joked that I would turn this blog into a bird fest well i'll let them be right briefly! Didn't see anything out the ordinary apart from a few snipers and teal. A Sparrowhawk sat on her fence for a good half an hour today though.

The lovely view from my Uncle Geoff's bench.

Usually when huge world wide shocking news occurs, you can bet any money that every other friend on Facebook will have a status about it. Which is why it surprises me that no one seems to be interested by the volcano occurance in Iceland. I've found it fascinating, especially that for the first time ever in aviation history every plane in the UK came to a standstill and it caused so much chaos. It gives you a feeling of just how small the world has become now that travel is so easy.
Ironically I took this photo on monday or tuesday, a sight not seen for the rest of this week.

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