Thursday, 13 May 2010

London Town

So I've been pretty rubbish at blogging the last few weeks, I had all my final deadlines for the year and now im free! Although I have to be back in uni in June to help the 3rd years set up their final degree shows which should be interesting. I finished last tuesday and had my brother come to stay for a few days which was real nice. Then went to an awesome 21st birthday which was superhero fancy dress. I went as Hit Girl from Kick Ass, and all week jamie claimed he couldn't think of anything to go as (which I could tell was rubbish he's the biggest superhero geek I know) so then rocked up to the party in a pretty awesome Iron Man outfit.

So that was a good night! My brother went back to uni in Hatfield on sunday, I recovered from my night out and then headed over to his on monday. I only went for a night but he jetted off to Austria the next day it was nice. Plus it meant I could spend the day in London the next day before heading back to Leicester. I planned on going to the 150 Years of Sanderson exhibition at the Fashion and Textile Museum

However, much to my utter annoyance with mostly myself for not pre-checking, it was shut on tuesdays. So I had to re think and pottered on over to the Tate Britain. I knew there was a Henry Moore exhibition on, but again to my annoyance it was a tenner to get in and being a wee poor student I went to the shop (after looking around the rest of the Tate) to look at the Moore merch instead. His silk scarves were in there (£150) and are gorgeous...

Spent a large amount of my remaining time in the Tate book shop wanting every book in there, I can only wish! I am however the proud owner of the new Print & Pattern book from the Print & Pattern Blog

Had a nice little treat when I got back to Pimlico station nearest the Tate Britain... a freebee glimpse of Henry Moore for those who couldn't afford the real thing!

I spent my last few hours on Oxford Street. I came up from the tube at Oxford circus with Liberty right in front of me beckoning me to go in. I'd never actually been before but I definitely fell in love with it straight away and accidentally bought myself some fabric. I think i might make a skirt out of it now that Uni's done with. Watch this space for that one! My coach was at 4pm so I only had time for Topshop and Miss Selfridge accross the street. Loving Miss Selfridge's front window display though and i got a nice waist skirt in the sales...

I was also amazed by the amount of people who actually asked ME for directions in my half a day in London. I like to think it's because I look at home in lovely fashionable London (ha) when in actual fact it might have had something to do with me carrying my iphone around with the map up looking lost, and them hoping I could use this facility to help them too! All in all a semi successful trip to London, one which will most probably have to be completed another time soon. Inabit x

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