Friday, 3 February 2012

A catch up on my recent makes

I have made a couple of one off specials in the last month or two which I have yet to share with you all! So here is a quick peek at a few of them...
We bought my Grandma a Kindle for her birthday last year, and I made her a sleeve for it too. It may have been quite a while ago but here it is! She loves her kindle, she had to show me how to use it a few weeks ago when I was staying over.

An old school friend was moving away to begin her new amazing career at the start of this year, and she asked me if I could reproduce an Alexander Mcqueen cushion that she had seen, to go in her new place. I made two large cushions and she loved them.

This was a watercolour I did for my Grandma, we're both huge bird lovers (in case you didn't already know!) in particular water birds so I drew her this Kingfisher.

And finally, I knitted my best friend this Irish hiking scarf for her birthday this month. I ran out of wool and couldn't find the same wool anywhere so it was a bit shorter than I would have liked! My mum knitted me the same scarf for last Christmas and I've loved wearing it.

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