Friday, 27 July 2012

Folksy Friday - Olympic Rings Colours

Looking forward to the Olympic opening ceremony? I have deliberately not tried to find out / hear any rumours about what is in store for us viewers (apart from the many hints my Mum gave me the other night!). I want the full wow factor. This week's Folksy Friday is brought to you by the colours of the Olympic rings. I was tempted to go down the London theme etc but after a while of browsing the particular colours I found some fab folksy finds (a bit of alliteration for you there!) which I wouldn't have necessarily come across otherwise. These grabbed my eye and I think they are really fun and quirky. Which, after all, is what hand made is all about! Enjoy!

How much fun is this red ninja necklace by Lilley's? I can't say I've ever seen anything like it before.

This robot card by Stampa Cantina definitely has a lot of character
I like the edgy shape to this black cat clock by Big Bad Wolf Design

Again, this is a design I have never seen anything similar of before, by Aftertrees. It would permanently remind me of the beach for some reason having it on my desk

Finally, check out these incredible earrings by Lazysundays

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