Friday, 7 September 2012

New Home Folksy Friday

This weekend I will be visiting my Uncle's family at their brand new home. They have lived in France for quite a while now and are making the big move back to the UK this week. I can't wait to see them and I have been making a few little Alexia Claire specials for my little cousins' rooms to surprise them with! This week's Folksy Friday is inspired by having a new home, some beautiful cards I found whilst browsing. Enjoy!

I love the shadowing in this illustration by Arbee Cards

I fab idea for a card by Lydia Fee illustration

A clever take on a mantelpiece card by Nota Bene Letterpress

I am a sucker for this over all print by Lovat Press


arbee* stationery & design said...

Thank you for including our nest card in your lovely selection - honoured to be included in such a great feature with such beautiful designs.

Thank you!
Rachel @ arbee cards

Alexia Claire said...

Thank you! How lovely, your cards are gorgeous.

Alexia x

Alexia Claire said...
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