Thursday, 18 October 2012

Ghosts of Gone Birds | Brighton

Exciting news for Alexia Claire!

I received some very exciting news a couple of weeks ago and I am now finally able to spread the word!
The amazing people at Moonko have represented me on their website and through their fairs and shop for nearly a year now, and it is through them that I have been given the opportunity to exhibit artwork in this year’s Ghosts of Gone Birds exhibition in Brighton!

The exhibition focuses around the idea that we can “breathe artistic life back into extinct birds species.” (Ghosts of Gone Birds). As you may be aware, I am quite a nature buff and enjoy including British nature in my designs and fabric creations.  My latest basket designs are centred on endangered British species and so being asked to be part of this exhibition is very exciting for me.

The exhibition begins at the start of November and lasts for three months. I’m looking forward to making my own visit to see it too.

Here are a few of my favourite pieces from previous years of this wonderful exhibition: 

Bruce Pearson

Gail Dooley

John Keane

Tessa Farmer

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