Sunday, 27 January 2013

Alexia Claire at Christmas!

Christmas seems an age ago now, the many craft fairs I attended seem even further and yet I haven't written a post about them yet! So here are a couple of photos from the 8 (yep 8!) craft fair weekends I sold my baskets and gadget sleeves at. Not all were as successful as the others and I learnt a lot in the two months I was doing them. Mainly about how to display my baskets for full interaction from customers. I experimented a lot with signage and variations of offers. It was all quite fun! Very tiring when you work all through the week too though. However I now know which events benefit me the most and which I will definitely be returning to in 2013. 

Reetsweet hold their events at the Corn Exchange in Leeds. The organiser is such a lovely and helpful lady and the vents are always very well organised. I did two fairs here over the Christmas period, the latest one being the most successful as it was closer to Christmas. 

If you have never been to the Corn Exchange in Leeds, it's a stunning building in the round, with a breathtaking ceiling. 

Once dusk sets in it becomes quite magical.

My Kindle sleeves were an experiment at Christmas and seemed to go down a treat.

Great natural lighting in the Corn Exchange from the large windows in the roof.

Lots of people bought my baskets when they saw that I had put plants in them, realising that they could do the same. This spider plant is so much bigger now than it was in this photograph!

I am also now an artist registered with Artsmix. An organisation for artisans to sell their products at various locations in Leeds. The one I attended twice this Christmas was on Albion Street in Leeds next to WH Smiths. The stands are real market size, much bigger than a table top craft fair, so I had a couple of manic weeks making up enough stock to be able to fill one! It was well worth it though and I completely sold out of the Christmas bunting in no time.

It was blinking freezing though! Thankfully it didn't rain whilst I was there. My mum and two housemates all came to visit me separately meaning I got 3 nice hot chocolates delivered to me throughout the day!

My new British Wildlife range proved a hit at these events which I was very glad about. 

I then did the Harrogate Christmas Market. It was their first year producing this event and it seemed like a success from what I could tell! I was based in a big marquee for craft tables and their were your typical wooden hut stalls outside. Unfortunately it was so popular that people could barely move through the gangways between the huts! 

Christmas baskets were a huge favourite at this event. People came from far and near even in coach loads to come see the market. My new tote bags below also sold out.

I had some very very nice neighbours at this event. You always end up making friends with your neighbouring crafters at craft events, helping each other out with food, drink and loo runs! Especially when you're on your own. You learn a lot from them as well and vice versa. 

Another Christmas done and the next one seems to be on the radar already! 

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